Emergency Room Information: Success Stories


Improving Emergency Room Patient Flow: Using Real-Time Data – Mount Sinai Hospital

1.  Scenario Summary 3.  Improvement Approach 5.  Patient & Staff Satisfaction
7.  Sustainability
2.  Challenge 4.  Using ATC Data 6.  Progress & Benefits  

1. Scenario Summary

Recognized as a provincial leader in reducing surgical wait times, Mount Sinai Hospital targeted Emergency Room Length of Stay for improvement in 2010/2011.

These efforts have been built on the success of the implementation of an Emergency Department Information System. The data available from information system is thoroughly and regularly analyzed to identify bottlenecks in patient flow and develop and assess the efficacy of implemented initiatives, thereby improving performance in the emergency room.

Leader photograph
“When we are able to provide more timely service, patients and families are happier, which makes for happier staff. The overall atmosphere in an emergency room that is coping well with patient flow is night and day compared with the tension in an ER that is overcrowded and hours behind. Data plays a key role in all our performance improvement efforts – without data to guide us we are basically flying blind.”
Dr. Howard Ovens
Director of the Schwartz-Reisman Emergency Centre at Mount Sinai Hospital,
Provincial ER Clinical Lead
Toronto Central Emergency Department Local Health Integration Network Lead