Surgical Efficiency Targets Program


The Surgical Efficiency Targets Program (SETP) uses data about operating room performance to monitor processes, and identify and analyze areas where performance issues exist in the perioperative (the duration of a patient's surgical procedure, from admission to discharge) portion of the continuum of care.

What we do

This program helps to optimize surgical capacity in Ontario, increases access to surgical services and maintains high-quality patient care through:

  • Measuring and reporting on surgical management Key Performance Indicators
  • Benchmarking the performance of comparable hospitals
  • Establishing provincial performance targets in support of process improvements

How hospitals participate

The 106 participating hospital sites across Ontario upload monthly data focused on the perioperative process to a web-based tool. These data are used to calculate key performance indicators such as start time accuracy, case time effectiveness, utilization, quality/safety, and scheduling, which are reported to the Ministry, LHINs and hospitals.

Benefits to participating hospitals

  • Ability to benchmark performance against peer hospitals and established best practice targets
  • Opportunities to share leading practices through participation in hospital networking forums
  • Coordinated public reporting of Surgical Safety Checklist Compliance data
  • Support for identification of problem areas in the perioperative workflow, such as bottlenecks within patient flow

Access to Care

Success Stories

We're All in This Together

Guelph General Hospital takes the ‘all in it together’ approach to make data quality improvements and operating room process changes easier to implement.
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Back to Basics

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre improves accountability for the Surgical Safety Checklist with a back to basics approach.
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