Surgery & Diagnostic Imaging


We are responsible for tracking, measuring, and reporting on surgical and diagnostic imaging procedure wait times through the province-wide Wait Time Information System (WTIS). This wait time is also known as Wait 2.

More than 3,300 clinicians in 96 wait-time-funded hospitals submit information on 2.3-million adult and pediatric surgeries and MRI/CT scans each year in Ontario. Public reporting of this information began in 2006. Clinicians use a standard patient priority rating and targets that were developed by expert panels.

Ontario a leader in managing wait times

Since the launch of the Wait Time Information System in 2006, surgical wait times in Ontario have continued to decrease. Ontario continues to be a Canadian leader with very short wait times across most priority service areas compared to other provinces. The collection of near-real time data enables effective improvement to the patient experience and better management of wait times.

Wait 1: The time a patient waits for a consultation

In 2011 and 2012, we developed, tested and deployed the Wait 1 initiative to all wait-time funded hospitals.

Wait 1 data help improve care by:

  • Providing a more complete and transparent picture of surgical wait times from a patient’s perspective
  • Better informing referrals to surgical specialists
  • Enhancing the ability to identify and improve upon specific Wait 1 access issues that account for a large portion of the total wait time for surgery

Access to Care

Success Stories

Electronic Referral Tracking

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre introduced an electronic referral tracking system to create a centralized wait list and manage referrals across the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network.
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